This year marks the 25th anniversary of the Female Architects of Nigeria (FAN), a subsidiary of the Nigerian Institute of Architects, which was formed to address the peculiar needs of women engaged in the profession of Architecture and help ensure that despite their peculiar yet natural constraints, they can effectively contribute their unique training, vast knowledge and resources, to strategically engage their society by offering targeted services and open constructive opportunities for National Development. A Gala Night of Honours is being planned to commemorate this milestone, themed FAN: Past, Present and Future at the Transcorp Hilton, Abuja on the 5th October 2018. The Past is celebrated by giving recognition to all those that pioneered and have sustained the Association, including the achievements of surviving aged Female Architects, and Female Architects in practice, government service, academia, and other female collaborators.

At Present, our Architecture and Children program offers a comprehensive, practical solution-based approach to address the Nation’s daunting issues of unemployment and employability among Nigerian youths. The program is designed to deliver on medium to long-term sustained results. As part of an all-inclusive system, the initiative effectively harnesses the professional resources of the Female Architects of Nigeria in its unique Club and Industry based vocational programs targeting children and youths, with the aim of developing their observation, reasoning, critical thinking and economically viable livelihood skills. This dovetails into our Future vision of a comprehensive working relationship with our industry partners and all stakeholders to provide interventions for alternative housing systems and related initiatives for sustainable national development.

Our Anniversary Activities include:

• Documentary of some outstanding architectural works

• Launching of FAN Logo

• Launching of Compendium of Directory of Female Professionals

• Awards